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Humble Vinyl Floor Installation

Humble Vinyl Floor Installation vinyl segment block 300x199Galas Renovation is all you need for your vinyl floor installation project. With years of experience handling different floor construction needs from various clients, we can guarantee that your vinyl floor will be flawlessly installed in no time.

Vinyl flooring is one of the most versatile floor materials in the industry made of artificial materials that can imitate natural and stronger materials, such as wood and stone. Vinyl can provide the strength and functions of expensive materials for a lower cost. However, the construction side of vinyl may require homemakers to get the services of a professional floor expert. Fortunately, we are here to help you out. Galas Renovation is committed and passionate about helping out the people of Humble, TX, in achieving their floor construction aspirations. Partner with us today for your vinyl floor installation project, and you’ll get the best possible quality of floors in no time.

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Characteristics of Vinyl Floors

Humble Vinyl Floor Installation vinyl 1 300x150Vinyl is a synthetic material used for all kinds of construction purposes, including flooring. It is typically confused with linoleum floors, although vinyl is more artificial, allowing better modifications in its characteristics.

Vinyl flooring has two main types, which are based on how it’s installed. Vinyl sheets are commonly formed in twelve feet-long flexible leaves that have multiple layers, while vinyl tiles are squares of stiff squares that are easier to install and repair. The most commonly used vinyl flooring are sheets, so here are the important things to keep in mind about them.


1. Design

Vinyl is typically chosen for its versatile design choices. It can imitate the three most popular floor materials because of their look: wood, stone, and ceramic, which are all relatively expensive materials. So when people choose vinyl designed as any of the three, they can get their grandeur without their usual high prices.

2. Water and heat resistance

Vinyl is famous for its virtual immunity against water and all types of damages it can bring, hence the common usage of vinyl sheets in wet rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Durability

Although not as sturdy and long-lasting as stronger materials like wood or stone, vinyl floors are still quite durable for their price. They can still last on high-traffic areas without incurring much damage.

4. Ease of installation

Because vinyl is relatively lighter and smaller, it takes less effort, and, as a result, lower costs to install vinyl floors in homes compared to other floor materials. Some even put vinyl floors in their spaces as a DIY project.

5. Disadvantages

Although vinyl has many advantages, it still has corresponding disadvantages that, when overlooked, might cost you more than you bargained for. So while ease of installation is an essential benefit of vinyl floors, it is still important that you consult professional floor experts when you choose to have them in your place. Here’s why:

Vinyl floors are not as durable as the stronger and more natural materials they can imitate in look. Wooden floors last for generations while maintaining their elegant look. Stone and ceramic, though brittle, have the highest density among floor materials. Vinyl floors may be able to handle high foot traffic, but they are prone to damage when they carry heavy objects. It doesn’t help that vinyl floors are difficult to repair. It would take floor experts to properly handle the entire process of changing vinyl floors, from the removing up until the maintenance.

Top-Notch Vinyl Floor Installation

Whatever you may need about installing vinyl floors, Galas Renovation can deliver it for you at the best quality and speed possible. Our previous customers can guarantee that our tools, resources, and experience is first-rate in all of Humble. We can execute all the necessary parts of entire construction processes in homes and buildings, including vinyl floor installation, from the consultation process up until the repair and maintenance. We are the best in the business, and we can’t wait to be your partner on your vinyl floor installation project.

Free Vinyl Floor Installation Consultation

Humble Vinyl Floor Installation galas logo 300x157Not sure where to start? Through our years of experience handling various customers, we have grown to understand how intimidating getting new floors can be. So we are here to help you out right from the start. Let’s begin with a conversation about your needs and preferences. You can talk to one of our professional floor experts about the details of your vinyl flooring project for free. It all starts with your call.

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