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Hockley Hardwood Flooring

Nothing beats the timeless and natural elegance of hardwood flooring. Starting as mere structural products for subfloors and joists, timber as floor cover material gained popularity because of its amazing aesthetic coupled with outstanding durability.

hardwood flooring

If you want to upgrade your house with all-natural material, hardwood flooring is the way to go.

Don’t know where or how to get hardwood floors? Galas Renovation is a Hockley company that can provide you all the services needed to install hardwood floors on any space. We do every aspect of the process, from the consultation and planning until the finishing and maintenance.

With years of experience working on home construction with various kinds of customers, we guarantee that we can provide you with professional, fast, and high-quality floor construction services all for reasonable prices.

Call Galas Renovation today at (832) 990-9646 for your free consultation!

The Benefits of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring can refer to the synthetic vinyl and laminated types or the regular or engineered hardwood that comes from the timbers of Birch, Cherry, Oak, Hickory, Walnut, and many others more. Although hardwood can come from various types of trees, all kinds of engineered natural wood have the same benefits that you can take advantage of. Here are a few of them:


professional hardwood flooring installationHardwood never fails to make a home or a business space look high-quality and classically refined. It has its special look that other types of flooring, like ceramic and vinyl, try to imitate. Wood, as housing material, makes the atmosphere cozy and warm, but it is also generally believed that wood makes any space look larger than it is.

Finally, wood’s elegant look can last for generations. While other materials may also last for a long time, many aren’t able to sustain their original beauty. To preserve the longevity of wood’s aesthetic, experts use special finishing materials.

Our Hockley hardwood floors company has all the resources and knowledge needed to give you wood flooring that will surely last in structure and allure. Hardwood can come with various styles, colors, and feels, and we can help you decide which ones fit your preferences perfectly.


hardwood floor installationSome people may be buying hardwood floorings mainly because of how it looks, but timber is also well-known to sustain its structural integrity for generations. Although wood is softer and more susceptible to scratches and dents than other durable materials like porcelain and stone, wood is relatively easier to repair compared to brittle tiles. If you’re looking for the best long-term investment deal for flooring material, wood may be your best bet.

All-Natural Process

Wood, much like stone, marble, and bamboo, is a purely natural material. Compared to synthetic products like vinyl, hardwood is one of the most eco-friendly floor materials you can use. Natural wood flooring is long-lasting and durable, just like the trees it originates from. Many homeowners enjoy the feeling of integrating natural materials in their home for a greater connection to the outdoors.

Value Adding

People chase houses with bona fide, intergenerational hardwood floors. Adding timber flooring to your home or commercial space will surely upgrade its price in the real estate market. Hardwood flooring is a desirable and attractive addition, both adding value and increased interest for new potential buyers. If you are looking for a flooring solution that will last as long as your home itself, hardwood is a smart choice.

Your Hardwood Floor Experts

hardwood floorsWith years of experience handling various kinds of house construction work for many clients, we know we have what it takes to give you the perfect style and structure of hardwood flooring that you prefer.

We offer the entire set of services needed to install hardwood floorings in any location in Hockley, TX, from the consultations and design planning to the finishing and maintenance. We deliver our services fast and high-quality at the fairest of prices, and we want to be your partner in getting your most desired hardwood floors.

Free Hardwood Flooring Consultation

Houston Flooring CompanyWe guarantee that we are all you will need to get that dream hardwood floors for your space. Choosing the design, materials, and other specifics of the flooring can be a little overwhelming, but we are here to help you out.

Let’s talk about your preferences today. It all starts with your call!

Call Galas Renovation today at (832) 990-9646 for your free consultation with a hardwood flooring expert!