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Kingwood Commercial Flooring Installation

Kingwood Commercial Flooring Installation gray chair 3124079 200x300Are you looking for an efficient, trustworthy, fast, and proven floor construction company for your business? Then you went to the right place. Galas Renovation is a first-rate floor construction company serving Kingwood that can deliver all kinds and aspects of floor construction, from installation to finishing, at the highest possible quality and speed all for the friendliest prices in the market.

Commercial spaces are more varied in look, size, and function than residential buildings. Houses come in small to large sizes and various types, but the rooms of many different homes serve the same family use. On the other hand, the characteristics of business spaces can range from a small and wet-prone cafe to an enormous, high-traffic corporate building lobby. Nevertheless, whatever needs you may have for your business area, Galas Renovation can guarantee that we can provide it with utmost excellence and speed. We are committed to providing our clients in Kingwood with only the highest quality of floor construction services possible. Let’s be your floor construction partners today.

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Floors for Commercial Spaces

custom commercial carpetingBusiness areas are very varied. What may work best for one type of store is not necessarily suitable for other kinds. When it comes to commercial spaces, you have your restaurants, corporate areas, retail stores, general merchandises, food stores, and many more. Each kind of business entails different functions that require a specific set of floors to be installed. This doesn’t mean that when you have a particular type of business, you have no choice but to choose this kind of floor material. Nonetheless, whatever you may need, we can deliver it to you. To give you an idea of what types of floors are best for certain businesses, here is a shortlist of general recommendations in floors for commercial spaces.


Stone is typically chosen for big business areas, such as corporate spaces, hotels, and lobbies, because of their luxurious and formal feel. Another reason is that these places often have high traffic, demanding exceptional durability from the floors. Stone is extremely dense and thick and can last for a very long time, offering great support even for everyday floor use and heavy objects. They can also come in various colors, shapes, patterns, and textures, depending on the kind of stone you choose, offering a great way for businesses to design their spaces according to their brands. One of the best stones for floors of corporate spaces is the terrazzo. It has a very varied color scheme and an elegant and expensive look that people use even in luxury spaces.

Clay tiles

The clay family of floor materials includes products like ceramic, porcelain, brick, quarry, and others. They are known for their hardness and water resistance. Porcelain is perhaps the most durable floor material out there. They can be applied with high-quality finishes that give them glossy and luxurious looks, as well as extra layers of protection against moisture and stains. This is why clay floors can be great for places that get wet often, such as kitchens of restaurants or cafes. The functions, designs, and costs of various clay products vary greatly, so it’s essential to get professional help in choosing which type is the best for your business.


Lastly, luxury vinyl tiles are artificially produced flooring materials best known for its advantageous functions that come with lesser costs. Since vinyl is synthetic, they are also extremely versatile in terms of design, so much so that vinyl is used to imitate more expensive floor materials such as wood and stone. You may think that the lower costs and design versatility makes vinyl weaker in terms of carrying foot traffic, but no. Vinyl tiles or sheets are still very durable and can handle everyday traffic without receiving significant damages.

Top-Notch Commercial Floor Construction Company

Whatever your business may be, you can trust that we will deliver the best quality floor construction services. Galas Renovation is an elite construction company that has been serving the people of Kingwood, TX, for years. Our floor construction experts have all the resources, experience, and knowledge needed to serve all the different demands of our clients throughout the years. We are your best bet in getting those high-quality and long-lasting commercial floors you’ve been dreaming of. We can’t wait to work with you.

Free Commercial Flooring Installation Consultation

Kingwood Commercial Flooring Installation galas logo 300x157If you’re still having a hard time deciding which floors are the best for your business, then don’t worry. We can help you out. We can have an initial free and no-obligation consultation about your needs and preferences. Tell us the details of your space and desired floor style, material, and functions, and we’ll recommend the best in the market for your specific case. Get your dream floors today. It all starts with your call.

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