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Channelview Stone Tile Flooring

Channelview Stone Tile Flooring herringbone stone tile 300x233Stone, as a flooring material, has been widely considered by consumers in Channelview for their homes and commercial areas. It provides an earthlike feel and appearance in a space. Typically, stone tile flooring can be classified into two categories: natural stone and synthetic stone flooring. Natural stone flooring pertains to any quarried mineral substances formulated beneath the mountains, whereas synthetic stone products are produced by manufacturers to resemble the legitimate natural stone.

Natural stone flooring has several types. Commonly, what you can find in the market are marble, granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, and travertine. If you are planning to have stone tile flooring installed at home or in your business shop, you must know what factors you must consider and how each of them will affect the quality of your flooring, especially in the long run.

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Factors to Consider About Stone Tile Flooring

Indoor vs. Outdoor Rating
When picking the appropriate stone tile for your application, check if the stone tiles are made for indoor or outdoor use. If you want to install this type of flooring in your kitchen, then you should select the one that’s for indoor use. Meanwhile, if you intend to use the tiles on your patio, then you should choose the one that can stand the heat of the sun and poses no threat during extreme weather conditions such as typhoons.

Absorption Level
Flooring materials have varying absorption levels or ratings. For example, porcelain tiles are deemed impervious, while marble tiles are considered porous. Absorption level refers to a material’s susceptibility to water or stain penetration.

If a stone tile’s absorption level is higher, any stain is more adherent to it. As a result, it becomes prone to damage and cracking, especially in cold temperatures.

Material Grade
Channelview Stone Tile Flooring custom herringbone tile floor 300x201The material grade is often an indicator of the quality of the stone tile flooring. Generally, suppliers and retailers tag their flooring products in three-level grades. Grade 1 is the category of high-quality and durable stone tiles. Grade 2 is the group where flooring materials with minor defects, damages, or scratches belong. Grade 3 category consists of stone tiles that have major defects and issues, generally in shape, size, surface, and some portions of it. These materials are typically suitable for accent walls or small pieces of design elements only.

Friction Coefficient
Friction coefficient gauges how slippery a stone tile flooring is. If the coefficient value is higher, the traction or grip of the stone tile is stronger. Lower coefficient value equates to more slippery flooring material.

It is essential to consider this factor to ensure the safety of the space occupants, especially in damp or wet areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. If you have elders or persons with disabilities at home, be informed that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires a dryness coefficient value of at least 6 for flooring material.

Oxidation is more popularly known as rusting. Natural stone tiles have many different elements, such as iron, since they are formed on the surface of the earth for a long time. If the element of iron is present in your stone tile flooring, having it installed outdoors may not be a good idea, since the remnants of iron can oxidize over time. As a result, the stone tile flooring may wholly deteriorate.

Benefits of Stone as a Flooring Material

Stone tile flooring is both a practical and aesthetical choice for residential or commercial property in Channelview. Natural stone tiles are one of a kind; they are uniquely formed in the depths of the earth, having distinct styles and patterns. Stone-based materials evoke an earthlike, natural, and classic feel and appearance within a space. This type of flooring is generally planet-friendly and nonpolluting.

Drawbacks of Stone as a Flooring Material

Every flooring material has disadvantages. As for stone tiles, they are typically porous or penetrable by any liquid or stain (except for some slate and granite types). However, you can deal with this by using a sealing agent on its surface. Highly polished stone tile flooring such as marble tiles are not scratch-resistant. In fact, they can easily chip and crack without proper care and maintenance.

Your Stone Tile Flooring Provider

Channelview Stone Tile Flooring galas logo 300x157To ensure the quality of natural stone tile flooring as well as its installation, allow us to give you a hand in your home or business flooring project. Galas Renovation is a full-service flooring company serving in Channelview, TX, that offers a wide selection of flooring materials, including natural stone tiles.

We can provide you with the attractive, finest, and cost-efficient stone tiles that are completely tailored to your needs and desires. Our team of flooring experts is always ready to accommodate you and give you flooring solutions that will turn your home improvement plan into a reality.

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