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North Houston Marble Tile Flooring

attractive custom bathroom remodel marble floor tile backsplashMarble is a timeless building material that has graced kingdoms and palaces of the royal rulers for centuries. It has also become a classic choice for homes and businesses in North Houston, as it gives an elegant look in many different applications such as walls, flooring, countertops, etc.

As a popular natural stone, marble is deemed valuable due to its beauty, grandeur, and flair. Generally, marble tile flooring needs to be highly maintained to prevent damage. If you want to use marble floor tiles for your current home or business project, we’ll get them to you!

Galas Renovation is a leading North Houston, TX supplier of various types of tile flooring, including marble tiles. As a full-service flooring company, we also offer flooring services such as professional installation, finishing, and repair.

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Cost of Marble Tile Flooring

Since marble floors are an upscale architectural material, their cost is specified accordingly. Commonly, they are categorized as the high-end type of natural stone tiles, surviving not as long as others do. Specialty marbles are priced for as high as $40 per square foot, but the cost of the standard marbles ranges from $10 to $20 per square foot solely for materials.

Relatively, marble floor tiles cost twice as much as ceramic floor tiles. In terms of labor, the expenses are reasonably comparable. If the flooring project requires numerous cuttings for a complicated layout, the installation fee generally costs higher. On the contrary, the labor cost is lower when the floor layout is simple, such as a rectangular or square layout where the marble tiles could easily fit in.

Design of Marble Tile Flooring

North Houston Marble Tile Flooring Canva White and Black Marble Tiles 300x200Using marble tile flooring for your residential or commercial property instantly upheaves the overall look of a space, making the entire place adorned with elegance. Every raw marble stone the earth produces has its unique pattern, so it’s difficult to imitate. It also comes in varying colors, even in amazing multicolor combinations or solid hues, making it versatile for many design schemes. As for the forms, marbles can be cut into different shapes, including triangles, rectangles, squares, etc.

Another distinct quality of marble is its ability to take an extraordinary polish. When treated correctly, users can achieve a shimmering look and silky finish on these floors. The sophistication marble can provide effortlessly evokes the aesthetics of a certain space.

Installation of Marble Tile Flooring

The same with any other stone or ceramic tiles, marble tile flooring is installed with a backer board on the subfloor where the marble tiles will be affixed using a thin-set adhesive. Subsequently, after the drying of the adhesives, tile joints are to be filled with cementitious grout. In marble tile flooring, sealing is required not only for grout lines but also for the whole surface. As a maintenance measure, this can be ideally done every year as well.

Like porcelain tile, marble tile is heavy, solid, and fragile. Without the right tools and special saws, the entire installation would be crucial, especially if done in a DIY manner. To ensure the high quality of your marble tile flooring installation, we recommend that you seek help from a professional.

Galas Renovation is always ready to give you a hand. We can provide you with quarried premium marble and install it in your home or commercial space. With years of experience in the industry, we have acquired the skill and formed a team of the best flooring specialists who will handle every aspect of your flooring project with accuracy, care, and excellence.

Maintenance and Repair

North Houston Marble Tile Flooring gray chair 3124079 200x300Marble tile flooring can be routinely maintained through sweeping and damp mopping, like how you clean and maintain a typical ceramic tile. But unlike ceramics, marble floors are not water- or stain-resistant; they are porous stone materials that may absorb water standing on the surface for quite some time. Once the water or stain penetrates the marble flooring, it can discolor the stone.

Marble originated from a sedimentary limestone, which gives it a pH on the alkaline side. With that being said, a chemical reaction may occur if acidic substances (such as beverages, disinfectants, food, etc.) come in contact with marble floors. The stains may be permanent if not prevented. To avoid this, a chemical penetrating sealer and surface sealer must be applied immediately after installation and reapplied annually for the best results.

Fortunately, as your North Houston flooring partner, we can help you maintain the elegance and glamor of your marble tile flooring to keep its pristine state. At Galas Renovation, our professionals are hands-on with ensuring that we provide the best quality of products and services to our dear clients. We guarantee that our job will make your home flooring attractive and comfortable to use.

Pros and Cons of Marble Tile Flooring

To sum it all up, the advantages of marble tile flooring include the following:

1. Elegance and upscale appearance;
2. A natural flooring material;
3. Increases real estate worth;
4. Effortlessly polished;
5. Supports radiant floor heating.

For marble tile flooring drawbacks, here are the following:

1. More costly than most natural stones;
2. Fragile and slippery;
3. Porous material that requires surface sealing;
4. Holds cold temperatures.

Your Marble Tile Flooring Provider

North Houston Marble Tile Flooring galas logo 300x157If you want an outstanding interior design for your home or commercial facility, floors are a huge factor. Using marble tile flooring brings a luxurious feel and refinement to your space. We are your North Houston, TX marble tile flooring provider that can also provide you with top-quality services, granting you the ease of installation, finishing, and maintenance.

We offer durable marble flooring products that will last for a longer time than usual. Our professionals will give you customized recommendations on what type, color, and style to choose as well as tips on how to maintain your marble tile flooring properly.

To get started, call Galas Renovation at (832) 990-9646 and book a free consultation with us now!