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New Caney Commercial Flooring Contractor

New Caney Commercial Flooring Contractor gray chair 3124079 200x300Need a commercial flooring contractor who can do commercial flooring projects fast and efficiently for fewer costs? In New Caney, Galas Renovation is the best in the business as we can provide all types of flooring solutions and assistance for any industry that needs it. We are also dedicated to staying with our clients from start to finish so that they are satisfied with our services.

Commercial spaces must be able to stand out to their competition. It must also reflect the business or company that is using it in all corners of the space, including the floors. However, there must be a perfect contrast on these floors because certain areas of commercial spaces will require a particular type of flooring for it to work.

With Galas Renovation, you don’t have to worry about that. We can assess your commercial space to see what kind of floors should be used for certain parts of the space. We make sure that the materials we will use for your area are of high-quality and not go over your budget.

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Types of Commercial Floors

New Caney Commercial Flooring Contractor modern tile ceramic floor 300x201Every business area varies in terms of what it is used for and what type of style it should show to the people who go in and out of the space. Each business also has its theme or style, which influences how the area should be perceived by the people.

No matter what industry you are in or where you want your new floors to go, we can deliver. Here are some of the commercial floor types that we can use for business spaces in New Caney, TX.

1. Stone – This type of flooring is often used for large corporate or business establishments because of its luxurious and classic feel. It is very durable, which is perfect for high traffic areas, and very easy to clean. It comes in various colors, textures, and patterns which will suit any brand.

2. Clay tiles – Ceramic, quarry, and porcelain are some of the most popular examples of clay tiles that can be used for commercial flooring. It is very hard and water-resistant, which is ideal for any space. It also adds to the rustic tones of the space thanks to its texture and colors.

3. Luxury vinyl – Vinyl tiles are also available for commercial spaces, and they are perfect for those on a budget. Vinyl is synthetic so that you can get it in various patterns and designs. Like the other two types of commercial floors, luxury vinyl tiles are also very durable and don’t show any damages due to high traffic.

Not so sure which ones to pick? Don’t worry. Our team can assess your space and business requirements to identify which kind of flooring you will need. We also do customized flooring to help with your business goals.

Why Choose Us?

New Caney Commercial Flooring Contractor laminate wood floor 300x225Whatever industry your business is in or wherever you may be in New Caney, Galas Renovation can go to you to provide you with the best flooring solutions available in the market. Our team has been working around the area for years and has allowed us to hone our expertise in the field. Many of our clients have praised our personalized service, as well as our high-quality commercial floors. Whatever you need, we can deliver it efficiently.

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Houston Flooring CompanyIf you still need some assistance with your commercial flooring project, don’t hesitate to call our company. Our experts, serving New Caney, are on standby to answer all your inquiries and give you ideas on how you can improve your commercial space. Call us today to find out more about our services and see how much you can save in the process.

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