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Channelview Porcelain Floor Tiles

tile flooring installationAre you looking to buy porcelain tiles for your home or business flooring project in Channelview? Porcelain tiles are mostly known as the enhanced type of ordinary glazed ceramic tiles. Their features include being harder, stronger, and more watertight than the ceramic glazed tiles. There are also endless design possibilities for a porcelain tile; it’s more flexible and durable than the ordinary ceramic. However, it can be more fragile than the standard tiles and more pricey as well.

But, if your budget allows you to, porcelain floor tiles are a more stylish option. Plus, they require less maintenance due to their high-standard qualities. At Galas Renovation, your porcelain floor tiles can be thoroughly customized. Share with us your design taste, the theme of your home or commercial space, your specific needs, and we’ll give you a narrow set of best options that are appropriate for your application.

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Cost of Porcelain Tile Flooring

Before, porcelain tile flooring is remarkably more expensive than the standard ceramic tiles. But today, as the supply of porcelain tiles has increased, this type of flooring can now be relatively compared to the price of good-quality standard ceramic tiles. For an estimate, porcelain tiles can be bought at $5 to $25 per square foot in the Channelview market.

If you prefer having a professional installment (which is highly recommended), you can add approximately $10 to $15 per square foot of porcelain tile flooring. This type of flooring is a prime investment since the durability of porcelain tiles can serve you for decades.

Design of Porcelain Tile Flooring

Channelview Porcelain Floor Tiles tile install segment 300x199Apart from its durability, another thing why porcelain tile flooring is a great and popular choice for homeowners and business people is the uniqueness of design it can bring to its users. A porcelain tile carries the performance features of a standard ceramic tile, but it can create more visually realistic designs than ordinary ceramics.

Porcelain tiles can imitate the looks of different flooring materials such as wood, natural stone, granite, marble, metal, cement, steel, bamboo, etc. This flooring boasts in the idea that its design makes it indistinguishable from the real flooring materials it mimics.

Installation of Porcelain Tile Flooring

Installing porcelain tile flooring can be as laborious as installing standard ceramic tiles. If you’re planning to do a DIY project of this flooring type, it will take much of your time as you deal with its complexity. Since porcelain tiles are solid and heavy, you’ll most probably have a hard time making precise cuts for this project.

Fortunately, Galas Renovation has the resources, the special kinds of equipment, and the installation experts who can help you perform the job more quickly and accurately, eliminating all the hassle that you might encounter along the way if you do this on your own.

Maintenance and Repair

Channelview Porcelain Floor Tiles tile flooring installation 1 300x199Because porcelain tile flooring is considered one of the toughest out there, it is a low maintenance option. It is dense, heavy, and solid. If you’re considering its ability to withstand massive stresses, yes, porcelain tiles are resistant to weighty force and pressure. But it also has its limitations. Because they’re too hard and compact, porcelain tiles are prone to cracking which means they’re brittle.

If you are to use this type of flooring in spaces with heavy foot traffic and equipment, we generally recommend that you should pick the type that is tagged with a PEI or Porcelain Enamel Institute and has a rating of at least five (5). As your full-service floor company, we only offer durable porcelain floor tiles that can tolerate heavy foot traffic such as living and dining areas.

In the long run, should one of your porcelain tiles accidentally get damaged, there’s no need to worry. It can be replaced easily. It would be wise to order extra tiles should circumstances like this rise up to maintain the design and quality of your tile flooring. You can also give us a ring anytime to get professional help.

Pros and Cons of Porcelain Floor Tiles

To encapsulate the ideas, the main advantages of porcelain tile flooring include the wide array of design selection, the low maintenance, the durability that can last for decades, and of course, the resistance of these tiles to water and stains, making them perfect for bathroom and kitchen flooring.

On the other hand, to give you an idea of the restrictions you may encounter with porcelain tiles, you should know that they are more costly than the standard ceramic tiles. Yet, again, if the money is not an issue for this project, then we highly recommend this flooring type for your home or business. Also, the grout needs sealing just as how the grout in ceramics does. Porcelain floor tiles are generally heavy and brittle as well.

Despite these drawbacks, don’t be hampered. We, your flooring company partner, have studied these things and have already come up with flooring solutions for each trouble that might come your way.

Our goal is to provide you with effective, less hassle, durable, and attractive porcelain floor tiles that can add to the aesthetic property of your home or office space. As you discuss your needs, lifestyle, preferences, budget, and all other important considerations regarding this flooring project, our flooring experts can give you recommendations that best suit your application.

Your Porcelain Tile Flooring Provider

Channelview Porcelain Floor Tiles galas logo 300x157To obtain clarification and responses to your queries, call us today. We are your reputable Channelview, TX flooring partner, always ready to accommodate your inquiries and requests. We can also invite you to our flooring showroom where you can physically see our exhibit of flooring products, including our high-quality porcelain floor tiles. Moreover, you can talk to our professional today to get some recommendations and quotations that are all free of charge.

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